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Kid’s Letters about STRING to Patrice 

2011, 2018

I enjoy the story The Invisible String.

I enjoy the story The Invisible String. The invisible string reminded me that I have another family in Africa. Patrice, you are a great author. Patrice, use your brain to make other stories. The invisible string taught me a lesson that I can reach somebody that is far away. 
Love, Everett

1511, 2018

The Invisible String is still there

The Invisible String made me realize no matter what my brother does to me the invisible string is still there. No matter what happens we’re still brothers, and all my family has the string.
Your friend, Sergio

511, 2018

Love the Story to Connect with my Family in Mexico

I love your story because I have family in Mexico and I learned that no matter where I go my family will always be there. I missed my family since I read your book. I learned a beautiful lesson that when my mom goes to work and I stay all alone I feel someone there. Thank you for everything.
Love, Mariela